Family Mediation (Pre-Filing)

$185 per hour  ($277 for a typical 90 minute session) for mediation in which the action has not yet been filed.

Family Mediation (Post-Filing)

$200 per hour. ($300 for a typical 90 minute session) for cases that have already been filed. 

For all domestic relations matters including Divorce, Legal Separation, Custody, Child Support, Domestic Partnership Dissolution, or post-judgment actions in these matters, where a petition has been filed in court.

Court Documents

$800 flat fee for preparation and filing of the pleadings in connection with family law mediation.

For a Dissolution, this includes the Petition, Confidential Information Forms for each party, Confidential Information Form Notices, the Motion, Declaration and Order to allow entry of the judgment without a hearing, all required notices, the Child Support Calculation, any necessary attachments, Parent Education Certificates, and the Vital Statistics form.

Drafting of the Mediated Settlement Agreement, General Judgment, and Parenting Plan are charged at the hourly rate for the service provided.

Please note that there is an additional filing fee collected by the court, which is currently $287 for a Dissolution.